Enamel-on-Steel Teakettle

Empire Red

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DISPLAY WORTHY: Vibrant colors and sleek design make this teakettle stand out on any stovetop or counter

EVERYDAY DURABILITY: Porcelain-enamel finish inside and out provides rust resistance for easier maintenance

ALERTS WHEN READY: The whistling slots designed into the stainless steel lid provide a clear alert when water is boiling and ready for tea or other warm drinks

STAINLESS STEEL LID: The stainless steel lid creates a snug fit to lock in heat

INDUCTION READY: Made from sturdy but lightweight steel, this teakettle delivers quick boils and is suitable for any stovetop, including induction

This whistling, induction-ready teakettle is made from lightweight steel with a porcelain-enamel finish inside and out for quick boils and a contemporary look that’s display worthy on any counter or stovetop.

SKU : 48749

Exterior Finish: Enamel

Handles: Plastic

Interior Surface: Enamel

Lid Material: Stainless Steel

Spout Type: Open Spout

Dishwasher Safe: No

Induction Suitable: Yes

Microwave Safe: false

Oven-safe Temperature: Not intended for oven use

Quality Assurance Guarantee


Modern, color-finished stovetop kettles deliver quick boils.


Rust-resistant porcelain enamel finish inside-and-out

Snug-fitting lid

Stainless steel lid fits snug to lock in heat

Induction capable

Works on all stovetops

Endless possibilities

Versatile to explore creativity

Cohesive, modern kitchen

Featured in display-worthy color finishes

Get the Most Out of Your Cookware


Fill the kettle no higher than the maximum fill level: below the bottom of the spout. Ensure the lid is securely sealed on the teakettle – you should hear a loud click. Match the kettle to the correct burner size.


Heat the teakettle on medium-to-medium high heat. Turn the burner off once the teakettle whistles and let rest for one minute. If you notice the kettle does not whistle or sounds quieter than normal, your teakettle may be overfilled, or you may not have the lid on securely. To avoid damages, don’t leave a teakettle unattended or allow to boil dry.


The teakettle can get very hot during boiling – ALWAYS use a potholder when handling. Avoid touching lid during and immediately after boiling, as steam can escape from the base of the knob where the whistle is located.


This teakettle should be washed by hand. Empty the teakettle frequently and wash with warm, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. To avoid scratching, do not use harsh abrasives or steel wool.

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