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Stir Fry Pan with Hybrid SteelShield Technology


WHAT YOU GET: Circulon hybrid clad stainless steel 12.5-inch nonstick frying pan

THE BEST OF CLAD AND NONSTICK: At Circulon, we know cookware and we constantly push the limits. After 35 years of innovation, clad cookware takes the next step with Circulon SteelShield Clad Tri-Ply. Our stainless steel and nonstick hybrid surface means no more scrubbing steel, and no more scratched or flaking nonstick. All with exceptional results.

WHAT IS STEELSHIELD: Circulon SteelShield pots and pans are the first to feature stainless steel circles raised above a premium nonstick finish for the most versatile and durable cookware surface yet. Use any kitchen spoon or spatula on hand to flip, fry, and even scrape the innovative SteelShield rings. Metal utensils? Bring it on.

WHY COOK ON A HYBRID SURFACE? The elevated rings are there to protect the nonstick from scratches while also delivering a great sear. Paired with a splash of oil, you can finally get delicate foods like scallops to sear and release beautifully or perfectly crisp salmon skin with less sticking than other stainless steel woks and stirfry pans.

PRECISION AND DURABILITY: With ultra durable clad construction throughout the entire pan, Circulon SteelShield Clad Tri-Ply means unrivaled heat control and maximum durability. Plus, the stir fry pan is easy enough to hand wash (you'll thank us for the flat nonstick rivets!) or just throw it in the dishwasher.

Product Dimensions:
22.5"L x 14.375"W x 4.875"H

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Designed to cook from scratch without the scratches, this extra-durable, perfectly constructed stir fry pan combines the beauty and durability of stainless steel with the ease and convenience of nonstick. Elevated steel rings protect the nonstick surfaces so you never have to worry about scratched nonstick again, and our unique flush rivet system provides an amazingly smooth cooking surface.

SKU : 30052

Base Material: Induction Plate

Exterior Finish: Polished Stainless Steel

Handles: Dual Flat Riveted Hollow core cast stainless steel

Interior Surface: Nonstick STEELSHIELD

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Induction Suitable: Yes

Oven-safe Temperature: 500°F

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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