6.25-Inch Mini Frying Pan


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THOUGHTFUL VERSATILITY: Crafted to take breakfast bites and single serving omelets, quiches, and pan pizzas to the next level, this mini skillet delivers the same performance as normal-sized Anolon Advanced pots and pans

3-LAYER NONSTICK: This small but mighty frying pan features three layers of easy-clean, premium nonstick for incredibly easy cleanup and superior food release that lasts 16x longer than traditional nonstick

BUILT TO LAST: Compared to typical flimsy mini skillets, the Anolon Mini Fry Pan features durable hard-anodized construction that is 8x harder than regular aluminum and delivers fast, even heat for consistent golden brown results without the hot spots

STOVE TO OVEN: Access the widest range of recipes and techniques from stove to oven to table with one of the few mini frying pans available that can take the heat up to 500 degrees F

SUPERIOR HANDLING: Mini fry pan features Anolon Advanced design for excellent balance with a dual-riveted stainless steel handle that provides unmatched lift and leverage.

Product Dimensions:
15.45"L x 9.45"W x 8.50"H
It’s the little things that count. Introducing the Anolon Mini Frying Pan, a 6.25-inch mini skillet that still packs in attention to gourmet details like a singularly smooth, triple-layer nonstick finish and unbeatable durability from hard anodized construction that’s 8x harder than aluminum but still brings on fast, even heat. Not to mention an incredibly versatile design ideal for browning butter or melting chocolate, toasting nuts and seeds and spices, warming oozy chunks of rich brie, or getting personal with individually sized omelets, crepes, pizzas, tortes, cobblers, and quiches. All in a petite pan that fires up to 500°F and is still a breeze to clean.

SKU : 81108-TE02

Exterior Finish: Exposed Hard Anodized Aluminum

Handles: Dual Riveted Stainless Steel

Interior Surface: Nonstick

Dishwasher Safe: No

Induction Suitable: No

Oven-safe Temperature: 500°F

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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This product contains (Este producto contiene) Fluoropolymer, PTFE, FEP, PFA (PFAS). For more information on PFAS or chemicals in this product, visit (Para obtener más información sobre productos químicos en este producto, visite) https://anolon.com/pages/product-disclosures.