Hard-Anodized Nonstick 12.25-Inch Frying Pan


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QUICK HEATING PERFORMANCE: Thick aluminum base and thinner side walls provide quick heat distribution and a lightweight, warp-resistant frying pan

MADE FOR EVERYDAY COOKING: KitchenAid frying pan is crafted from durable hard anodized aluminum that is 6x harder than traditional aluminum for quick heat distribution and everyday use

TRIPLE LAYER NONSTICK: Skillet interior has been finished with triple layer nonstick for long-lasting food release and easy cleaning

GOURMET UPGRADE: Handle rivets are finished with triple layer nonstick to release foods and keep the interior of the pan looking newer, longer

SILICONE GRIP HANDLES: Dual riveted handle is finished with silicone grips to remain cooler while cooking on the stovetop

Product Dimensions:
19.84"L x 12.13"W x 3.11"H

Featuring a thick, forged aluminum base provides quick heat distribution, while thinner side walls allow the pan to remain lightweight and warp-resistant. This 12.25-inch skillet has been crafted from durable hard anodized aluminum that is 6x harder than traditional aluminum for long-lasting everyday cooking. Fry pan interior and handle rivets have been finished with triple-layer nonstick to effortlessly release foods and keep the pan looking newer, longer. Dual riveted stainless steel handle is finished with a silicone grip to remain cooler while cooking when compared to traditional stainless steel handles.

SKU : 84802

Base Material: Basemark

Body Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum

Exterior Finish: Silicone Polyester

Handles: Dual Riveted (nonstick) Silicone with Stainless Steel

Interior Surface: Nonstick

Dishwasher Safe: No

Induction Suitable: No

Oven-safe Temperature: 400°F cookware, 350°F lids

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Reach desired results in no time


Forged aluminum bases and thinner side walls provides quick heating with the extra weight.

KitchenAid® Hard-Anodized

Durable construction

Hard-anodized is 6x harder than aluminum for durability

Easy to clean

Coated rivets create a fully nonstick interior

Lock in heat

Tempered glass lids retain heat and flavor

Stove-to-oven meals

Cookware is oven safe up to 400°F, glass lids to 350°F

Get the Most Out of Your Cookware

Match your burner size to your pan size. Don't leave an empty pan on a hot burner or to boil dry.
Heat your pans on medium to low heat. Try a little oil or butter to avoid cooking sprays.
Use potholders when handling hot cookware. Use silicone or wooden utensils.
Cool cookware completely before hand-washing with warm soapy water and a soft sponge

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