Sweet and Spicy Rubbed and Grilled Watermelon Salad with Honey Lime Vinaigrette

By Souffle Bombay

Watermelon is just perfect on its own, especially when it’s prime watermelon season. However you can do so much more with it as well. From watermelon salsa, to watermelon cocktails to watermelon salads, this mega-fruit is more versatile than many people realize!

  • Yield: Serves 4
  • Prep: 10
  • Ready In: 5
  • Course: Salad

All you need for this recipe and more...




¼ cup brown sugar

¼ tsp red pepper (Cayenne)

2 teaspoons of chili powder

¼ tsp Kosher salt

A few dashes of black pepper

Honey Lime Vinaigrette

1 TBS honey (or more)

1 TBS fresh squeezed lime

⅓ cup grapeseed or olive oil

1 TBS Balsamic, rice or honey vinegar


Feta cheese (or Goat cheese or your favorite cheese)

Arugula or mixed greens

Pine nuts or sunflower seeds

Chopped parsley or cilantro

Optional add-ins include: Thinly sliced red onion, scallions, yellow pepper, edamame, balsamic glaze, thinly sliced jalapenos, etc



  1. Cut your watermelon into thick   to 1½ inch slices.

  2. Use a large biscuit cutter to cut 4 circular "watermelon steaks" from the center of each slice (I used a 3½ inch diameter fluted cutter).

  3. Cut up leftover watermelon and refrigerate for snacking.

  4. Make the rub by combining brown sugar, red pepper, chili powder, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Mix with your fingertips until incorporated.

  5. Make dressing in a mason jar and shake to emulsify, taste and adjust for your preference of sweetness and heat.

  6. Clean and oil your grill, heat to high. Once grill is hot carefully place watermelon steaks onto the grill. Allow to cook for 2 minutes or so, gently peek at the underside. Once you see grill marks, gently flip steaks over (I use silicone tongs for this).

  7. Once grill marks are achieved, remove the watermelon from the grill, place them atop arugula, sprinkle with cheese, pine nuts or sunflower seeds, vinaigrette and dressing and serve immediately.


*If using plain feta or goat cheese, season with a bit of salt and pepper. if choosing a flavored cheese seasoning is not necessary.

I used a 3½ inch diameter fluted cutter. You can also cut yours into large squares, either works.