Buttered Bourbon Café Brûlot

Inspired by the New Orleans classic Café Brûlot, this hot beverage is a blend of coffee and buttery, citrus and spice infused bourbon.  On a cold winter night, it’s the perfect accompaniment a friendly gathering.

  • Yield: 8 Servings

All you need for this recipe and more...


  • 12 ounces bourbon
  • zest of 1 medium sized orange
  • zest of 1 medium sized lemon
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 10 whole cloves
  • ½ cup butter (1 stick)
  • 32 ounces fresh strong coffee
  • 8 tablespoons sugar


1.  Heat an  4 Quart Covered Chef Casserole over medium heat, and toast the cinnamon stick and whole clovers for approximately 5 minutes or until aromatic.  

2. Turn heat to low and add butter, orange zest, and lemon zest.  Melt butter until liquefied, being careful not to scorch it.  After the butter is completely liquefied, remove from heat. 

3. Add bourbon to the butter mixture and cover the Anolon® Nouvelle Copper 4 Quart Covered Chef Casserole.  Let cool at room temperature for 1 hour, then transfer to refrigerator for 48 hours.

4. Remove the bourbon from the pan, leaving the chilled and hardened butter behind.  Strain the buttered bourbon through a coffee filter and store in a glass jar or bottle.

5.  Brew 32 ounces of strong coffee.  While coffee is brewing, heat the buttered bourbon on the stovetop in your Anolon® Nouvelle Copper Chef Casserole or large saucepan.  Add coffee to the hot buttered bourbon, then add sugar and dissolve.

6. Ladle the beverage into preheated coffee cups for you and your guests.  Top with whipped cream, grated cinnamon, and orange zest.