Theresa Greco

Theresa is a Philadelphia transplant who grew up in a neighborhood where fresh ingredients and a local market were always a stone's throw away. Eating dinner together every night was a ritual at her house. When she moved to the Phoenix area, food became associated with convenience; and markets became big mega-chains with the same staples you could find anywhere. She noticed a "disconnect" between culture, community and food. Theresa found herself quickly becoming an outcast in her community, as she strived to find that one ingredient needed to turn a basic meal into something special.  She constantly seeks out good food and drink. It's who she is and how she was raised. Her blog, The Food Hunter’s Guide to Cuisine, will show you through her experiences how she’s managed to create her own culture and find amazing cuisine wherever she goes.

Articles & Recipes by Theresa Greco

Greek Style Frittata


A family friendly egg dish loaded with Greek flavors...perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Butternut Squash & Bacon Casserole


Loaded with roasted butternut squash and crispy bacon, this make-ahead casserole is not only easy to prepare but also tastes delicious.

Bruschetta Grilled Cheese


Classic grilled cheese meets the classic Italian antipasto for a new delizioso take on a beloved family-favorite recipe.

Penne with Mushrooms, Peas & Cherry Tomatoes


Loaded with veggies, this pasta dish is a healthy meal that is ready in minutes.

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