Rob Barrett

Rob Barrett is the host and producer of Cooking for Dads.

Rob Barrett has had a strange life. At times a sculptor, a tuba player, a volleyball coach, a music pastor, a music recorder in Africa, and a commercial jingle writer, Rob now brings these experiences to his cooking show. Waiting tables through college at 4-star restaurants, he was taught accidentally by some of the greatest chefs in Rochester, NY.

His travels as a musician have exposed him to home cooking throughout the world. While living with a family in the Sudan he learned how to make sudani rice, in Pakistan he learned how make chapati, with an Ethiopian family in Kenya he learned how to roast coffee and make injera, and while staying with a family in Japan he learned how to make Shabu-shabu.

Even at a young age he was drawn to the culinary arts. When every other boy in small town Pennsylvania was in Wood Shop Rob took Home Ec.. While this might have led to some playground beatings, it was clear Rob was headed for food. Although largely self-taught, Rob doesn’t shy away from gourmet cooking. From soups to sauces, Italian to Thai, Rob’s cooking features influences from all over the world, and yet is accessible to most American families.

With hundreds of thousands of viewers, his videos,”Cooking for Dads” have developed a following and helped take the mystery out of cooking for men and women worldwide. Using simple techniques and understandable language, Rob’s recipes have been prepared all around the world.

Cooking for Dads has been featured on the Today Show, the New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian, a Barbara Walters’ Special, and in many other media outlets. Rob is a frequent guest on ABC, CBS and Fox.

Articles & Recipes by Rob Barrett

  • Asian Omelet - recipe

    Asian Omelet


    Soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar add unique flavors to a morning classic.

  • Document Name: PNP_4193_Onion_Rings

    Game Day Onion Rings and Dip


    There is a time and place for fatty, salty food.

  • Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes 3

    Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes


    Whether for Easter or just a happy Wednesday, these potatoes are a great side for ham, chicken or beef.

  • Kabobs with Peanut Sauce recipe

    Steak Kabobs with Peanut Sauce


    These are an American take on an Asian favorite. The peanut sauce is a must-make, must-have, must-use.

  • Quick & Easy Chicken Parmesan


    Chicken Parmesan doesn’t need to be complicated. This easy version takes just minutes, has only 180 calories and tastes great. Sometimes it’s good to be complicated, sometimes it’s better to be simple. I was reading a very complicated chicken parmesan recipe and thought, “There has to be a better way,” and, of course, there was. Enjoy the taste, and the lack of calories.

  • Maryland Crab Cakes - recipe

    Maryland Crab Cakes


    Here is my variation on a traditional Maryland crab cake.

  • vodka cfds

    Creamy Vodka Pasta


    This is my take on vodka pasta sauce with a creamier texture and lots of added vegetables. Everyone loves vodka pasta sauce and when I was asked to come up with a healthier version, like any good mixologist I combined my love for primavera with a penchant for cream sauces. Even kids will like this one and don’t worry – the alcohol cooks off.

  • Job Number: PNP_4193

    Cola Marinated Steak


    This has become my most popular recipe due to the contrast of the sweet cola and spicy rub.

  • Satellite (20)

    Avocado Encrusted Chicken Sandwich


    Quick flatbread and tasty chicken make this a keeper.

  • robsfries

    Healthy French Fries


    Homemade French fries that are just as delicious as their fast food cousins but without all the grease.

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