Nick Stellino

Stellino grew up in Palermo, on the island of Sicily, and came to the United States in 1975. In 1991, he decided to leave his lucrative career as a Wall Street stockbroker in order to follow his dream of becoming a chef. He started his culinary career as a dishwasher. Over time, he apprenticed with the best chefs in America. "I was in heaven working at working my way through the restaurant line," says Nick Stellino. "But I wanted to share my enthusiasm for Italian cooking with more people. I decided a cooking show was the answer." Employing the energy, dedication and entrepreneurial vision that had taken him from Palermo to Wall Street, Nick began calling television production companies. His efforts culminated in 1994 with the highly successful series Cucina Amore I. He followed up with Cucina Amore II, and III, then Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen I, II, III, IV and V, and the PBS specials, Nick Stellino's Dinner Party and Nick Stellino: Food, Love & Family.

Articles & Recipes by Nick Stellino

Cheesecake Harlequin


Comprised of chocolate chip cookies, the fabulous cookie crust enhances the creamy smooth texture of the cheesecake to form a unique consistency that makes this harlequin recipe a must-try!

Fish in Red Wine Sauce


Healthy and delicious, fish dishes are a favorite for any chef searching for a new culinary adventure. The seductive aroma and rich color of the Red Wine Sauce makes this entrée a treat for your senses.

Banana and Chocolate Tart


The delicious duo of banana and chocolate is a popular theme throughout many dessert recipes. This recipe adds the refined qualities of vanilla custard to the banana and chocolate coupling to amplify the complexity of flavors.

Braised Baby Bok Choy


Not every recipe requires a plethora of additives to manufacture intense flavor. With only a handful of ingredients, this recipe's simplicity highlights the tender taste of the baby Bok Choy by eliminating any extraneous components.

Chocolate Zabaglione with Marinated Strawberries


Zabaglione is a light, foamy, custard-like dessert served hot or chilled, depending on preference. Top-off with marinated strawberries and chocolate shavings for a delicious presentation.

Frozen Chocolate Custard with Macadamia Nuts


Replete with semi-sweet chocolate, cream cheese, Macadamia nuts, Maraschino cherries and whipped cream; this decadent custard is brimming with all the delectable ingredients foodies crave.

Pot Roast with Marsala


Richly robust in flavor, pot roast is a staple entrée in any gourmand's kitchen. Melt pieces of Gorgonzola or Blue Cheese into the Marsala sauce to heighten the savory satisfaction.

Pasta with Pine Nuts, Raisins and Tomatoes


A unique combination of pine nuts, raisins and tomatoes enhances the gusto of the Penne Rigate by adding a surprisingly sweet taste.

Carrot Soup


The light creamy texture of this soup is a truly delectable experience to relish. Augment the soup's hearty flavor by sprinkling pieces of fresh fennel and browned bacon over drizzled sour cream.

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