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Simmering: to cook at a temperature that’s gentler than boiling: slightly below the boiling point. Our Five Favorite Simmering Recipes  Simmering is a great way to allow spices and aromatics in sauces, stews, and risotto to mingle and help enhance flavor. … Continue reading



Steaming: to cook gently with extremely hot water vapor to help retain food’s shape, color, and texture. Our Five Favorite Steaming Recipes Steaming is a great way to retain nutrients while cooking delicious meals. Use this tried-and-true cooking method for … Continue reading



Roasting: to cook with indirect, diffused heat (as in an oven) for slower cooking to enhance flavor through caramelization and browning of the food surface. Our Four Favorite Roasting Recipes Use this classic slow cooking method for various types of … Continue reading

Setting the Table


Cook, serve, enjoy! Set your table to accommodate what you plan to serve. Bowls and spoons for soup and stews, forks for salads and main courses, wine and water glasses for multiple beverage options. Reference the lists below to custom … Continue reading

About National Cooking Day


National Cooking Day is September 25. Cooked up by PotsandPans.com, this celebration was established to honor and commemorate the joys of home cooking. Often taken for granted or deemed a time-consuming chore, cooking is a part of life we carry out daily to make food more flavorful and presentable, to exchange ideas and traditions, and to express our affection for one another. National Cooking Day’s purpose is to encourage and inspire everyone to discover and experience something new and enjoyable in the kitchen while preparing something extraordinary and delicious for loved ones. Continue reading

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cupcakes


These easy vanilla cupcakes have a cherry and chocolate chip surprise inside. The fluffy chocolate frosting and toppings make them the perfect treat for any party or celebration.

Thankful Heart Cookies


These soft sugar cookies are sweetened with apple cider, giving them a subtle apple flavor. The delightful hint of apple carries over to the brown sugar salted caramel frosting - also flavored with a splash of cider.

Royal Icing


Royal icing is typically used to decorate sugar cookies or for piping intricate decorations on a cake. It can also be used to glaze petit fours or individual cakes. When adding food coloring to royal icing, concentrated gel paste works best as it will not thin out the icing.

Quinoa Tacos


A meatless meal for a quick, easy and healthy taco Tuesday.

Mama’s Meatloaf


At taste of home away from home.

Cookware Recycling – How to recycle your used pots and pans


We’d love cookware to last forever. Scratch-and-spot-free nonstick surfaces, sparkling enamel coatings and dazzling aluminum and stainless steel always look good on the stovetop, table and countertop. But despite our best efforts, daily use and abuse takes its toll on … Continue reading

BBQ Pork Ribs


Tender and savory ribs in less than 30 minutes. Serve this classic dish at your next barbecue!

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