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2016 Gourmet Gift Guide—Holiday Gifts for the Everyday Cook


Holiday gifting is easy with our “Gourmet Gift Guide” essentials list. From cooking to baking, to coffee and tea, make the foodie in your life smile this holiday season with a delicious assortment of cookware, bakeware, and tools to help … Continue reading



Baking: to cook (typically in an oven) by dry heat without direct exposure to a flame. Baking isn’t always about dessert. From lasagna to casseroles to meatloaf, baking is both a sweet and savory cooking method used to prepare a … Continue reading

Marinate, Rub, and Brine


Prepping ingredients with seasonings before cooking is an easy way to enhance food’s natural flavors. From salty to sweet to spicy, seasonings add complimentary flavors to enhance flavor profiles, textures, and appearance. Our Three Favorite Flavor-Boosting Techniques  Marinate: to coat … Continue reading

Pressure Cooking


Pressure-cooking: to cook with liquid (water or broth) in a sealed vessel to increase steam pressure and reduce the cooking time of food. The Perfect Pressure Cooker SilverStone® Microwave Pressure Cooker is perfect for making rice, chili, chicken wings, and … Continue reading



Braising: to slightly sear ingredients then cook them at a lower temperature in liquid (typically stock or sauce) Our Five Favorite Braising Recipes  Braising involves browning the surface of ingredients to help seal in and intensify flavors and texture, then allowing … Continue reading

Pan Searing


Pan searing: to cook food (usually meat, poultry, or fish) at a high temperature to form a caramelized crust. Our Five Favorite Pan Searing Recipes Often combined with other cooking methods—grilling, baking, braising, roasting, sautéing—pan searing (aka browning or blackening) … Continue reading



Stir-frying: to cook in a small amount of very hot oil while stirring quickly in a wok, frying pan, or stir-fry pan. Our Five Favorite Stir-Fry Recipes Chinese cuisine-inspired stir-frying calls for tossing foods in heated oil to cook them … Continue reading



Grilling: to cook with a significant amount of heat on a grill or grill pan to sear and cook foods quickly. Our Five Favorite Grilling Recipes  From steak to seasonal veggies, grilling is a great way to cook foods quickly … Continue reading



Frying: to cook in oil to produce moist, evenly cooked food with a gold, crisp surface. Our Four Favorite Frying Recipes Battered foods are often fried to achieve a crispy, golden texture. Use oil with a high smoke point, and … Continue reading



Boiling: to cook in liquid (typically water or stock) that is heated enough to bubble and vaporize; any temperature above 212 degrees F. Our Five Favorite Boiling Recipes From potatoes to pasta, to eggs and lobster, boiling is a staple cooking … Continue reading



Poaching: to cook by partially or completely submerging food in barely simmering hot liquid (usually water or stock). Our Four Favorite Poaching Recipes Poaching is a delicate cooking method that allows foods like eggs, fish, chicken, or fruit to cook … Continue reading



Sautéing: to cook food quickly, often in a small amount of heated oil or melted butter. Our Four Favorite Sautéing Recipes Sautéing involves cooking food quickly in a small amount of heated oil. Once the food is lightly covered in the … Continue reading

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