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Katie Jasiewicz is the author of Katie’s Cucina, a home cook, food blogger, and recipe developer. Katie’s Cucina is a place where she shares her love for food – developing and cooking mouthwatering recipes weekly, baking indulgent desserts, and sharing foodie travels from coast to coast. Join her on a culinary adventure where life always tastes good.

Articles & Recipes by Katie Jasiewicz

  • Sheet Pan Cilantro Lime Chicken Dinner -Circulon

    Sheet Pan Cilantro Lime Chicken Dinner


    Simplify weeknight dinner with a chicken and potato sheet pan meal using fresh and flavorful ingredients. This will be your new go-to dinner that’s the perfect amount of food for a family of four! Best of all, you’ll enjoy the easy cleanup.

  • Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos with Mango and Avocado Salsa

    Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos with Mango and Avocado Salsa


    Light and flavorful fish tacos with a sweet and savory salsa can be made for two in fewer than 30 minutes… using just one pan and one bowl!

  • Farberware - Fettuccine Alfredo for Two 5

    Fettuccine Alfredo for Two


    Thick fettuccine noodles combined with a rich Parmesan-garlic cream sauce makes for the ultimate decadent dinner in less than 20 minutes!

  • Cajun Shrimp & Andouille Skillet Dinner


    Bright and fresh seasonal vegetables combine with spicy Andouille sausage and wild jumbo shrimp, making this skillet dinner ideal for an easy weeknight meal.

  • Baked Clams Recipe 3

    Baked Clams


    Ring in the New Year with this easy and delicious recipe for baked clams! We love to have a seafood feast with friends and family on New Years Eve and these baked clams make for the perfect appetizer! Have a friend or family member help in the kitchen and you’ll make this easy appetizer even quicker—one cleans and opens clams while the other works on the filling!

  • Clam and Shrimp Boil 2

    Clam & Shrimp Boil


    Celebrate Independence Day with a flavorful and easy-to-make small-batch clam and shrimp boil. Your family and/or friends will love this iconic American-Northeast meal. Make sure you tell them to bring plenty of napkins!

  • Chunky Three Bean Chili

    Chunky Three-Bean Beef Chili


    Host an unforgettable graduation party and set-up a chili bar. Allow your guests to top their favorite foods with this Chunky Three-Bean Beef Chili. Supply hot dogs, tortilla chips, pasta, and fries along with additional chili toppings. Everyone is sure to enjoy a meal that they love.

  • Oven Roasted Sage Turkey with Brown Butter Sage Gravy - Circulon.com

    Oven Roasted Sage Turkey with Brown Butter Sage Gravy


    Prior to roasting the turkey, brine your turkey for up to 12 hours.

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