Chakall is an Argentinean Chef, but a culinary citizen of the world. Being of Galician, Swiss-German, French Basque, Italian and Argentinean descent, Chakall is best known for his use of various flavors specific to his worldly travels and the colorful turbans he wears in the kitchen. Widely known throughout the world as a top-notch television personality, cookbook author, restaurateur, and chef, Chakall’s vibrant personality and masterful culinary technique has earned him the Gourmand World Cookbooks Award in both 2008 and 2010 for categories including “Best Innovative Cookbook,” “Best Portuguese Cookbook,” and “Best Television Celebrity Cookbook.” Chakall’s restaurants are scattered throughout Portugal and Germany and include Quinta dos Frades by Chakall, MiniMoon by Chakall, Grant Gourmet, OPO, Splendid by Chakall, Praya by Chakall, Waves Food Stories and Sudaka. Currently residing in Berlin, Germany with his wife and children, Chakall continues to pave the way for international cuisine with an intense passion for food, culture and the development of his global culinary inspirations.

Articles & Recipes by Chakall



Garbanzo beans, also called chickpeas, make a nutritious spread for crisp crackers or bread. Tahini is sesame seed butter that adds a distinctive nutty flavor.

Bruschettas on Country Bread


These quick toasted breads are the perfect accompaniment to hummus and baba ghanoush on an appetizer platter.

Aromatic Chicken and Cashew Salad


Coconut milk, fresh cilantro and basil add a bright fragrance to this Asian influenced chicken salad.

Baba Ghanoush


Baba Ghanoush is served as a salad or appetizer with crisp crackers or bread. Use an oven or grill to cook eggplant until the skin is blackened and the flesh very soft.



Shredded cucumber and fresh garlic transform plain yogurt into a refreshing condiment to serve with vegetables or meats. Adjust the tartness with a little vinegar to taste and balance salt.

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