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Searing Perfection


For the perfect thick cut steak, seared on the outside and cooked to perfection on the inside: pat the meat dry, coat with a thin layer of your favorite cooking oil, and season one side with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Heat a skillet on medium to medium high heat, depending on your type of skillet, until it’s hot. Place the meat, seasoned side down, in the pan – it will sizzle as it develops a flavorful sear. Season the top side of the meat and, when the sear on the bottom is just how you like it, turn the meat over and, if possible, put it on a different hot section of the pan to sear the other side. After a couple of minutes, turn off the heat and remove the pan to a cool burner. Let the meat rest in the hot pan to finish cooking to your preferred internal temperature, about 5 minutes for medium rare. For thinner cuts of meat, shorten the cooking times accordingly.

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