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Rib Roast and No Last Minute Mess


Keep at bay the last minute dinner service crush, and mess, by making your bone-in rib roast earlier in the day. This method gets the messiest part of the process out of the way, and leaves simple slicing and serving for dinner time.

Cook the roast to very rare (110 – 115 degrees), rest on the counter for 30 minutes then cut if off the bone (cook’s treat!). Cut the roast into two sections (the same direction as if you were slicing it to serve), double wrap each section in foil and refrigerate. One hour before dinner, remove the roast from the refrigerator and heat the oven to 450 degrees. Heat the roast for 10 minutes – 15 minutes for medium rare, rest five minutes, remove from foil, slice and serve. This method also allows for cooking the roast to two different levels of “doneness”. For guests who like their meat rare or medium, adjust the time in the oven accordingly.

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