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Mango Madness


Mangos are a treat to eat on their own or made into a fresh salsa and paired with chicken or pork. Cutting a mango can be tricky because they have large, fibrous pits that must be cut around. First, cut off the long flat sides of the fruit. If the knife can’t quite get through, move a little further away from the center and try again. Once the sides are free, remove the skin by running a sharp knife around the edge, between the skin and the fruit, angling the knife toward the center of the fruit (do this on a cutting board, not in your hand!). Bend each free end of the skin back so the fruit pops up in the center, and cut away the last bit of skin on the bottom to free the fruit. Slice or dice the fruit however you like.

Finally, cut off the other two sides of the mango still attached to the pit – these are smaller pieces, but still just as good!

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