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Tomatillo Dressing

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Tomatillo Cilantro Avocado Dressing

This dressing looks creamy, yet the tomatillo, garlic and cilantro add texture. It boosts flavor of any green salad or taco.


Recipe Details

    1. Add garlic, cilantro and tomatillos to a small food processor. Pulse until garlic, cilantro and tomatillo are well chopped. Add the lime juice, avocado and salt. Process until almost smooth. Taste and add agave syrup, , if necessary, to balance flavors.
    2. Tips & Techniques

      This dressing is best when avocadoes are ripe and abundant, which they often are when tomatillos are in season in the summer and fall. Tomatillos are an underutilized vegetable and have a wonderfully tart taste and a crunchy texture. While this dressing works well on green salad, it also adds another dimension to any lean protein such as chicken or tofu, or turns leftover grains or beans into a delicious salad.
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